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seeks a challenge.

looks for personalized experience.

holds oneself to a standard of excellence.

enjoys a high level of rigor and accelerated coursework.

is willing to learn to advocate, for oneself, with support.

appreciates financial support for college.


HEC – What you can expect from us:

  • Incredibly rewarding educational experience
  • Classes that are rich in projects and hands on learning
  • Caring, family atmosphere

STUDENTS – What we expect of students:

  • Must make a full year commitment (student and parent)
  • Consistent attendance must be a priority for all classes
  • Homework and classwork are non-negotiable
  • Become involved and invested in HEC through clubs and organizations on campus

PARENTS – What we expect of parents/guardians:

  • Please set aside an environment at home where your child has a place to study
  • Stay current with assignments and grades in both high school and college courses
  • Ensure your child attends school
  • Support your child’s initial decision to apply to HEC


  • Personalized 4 or 5 year planning meetings with HEC Principal, HEC Liaison, and HEC Counselor
  • Multiple daily supports and services provided by HEC Teachers
  • HCC Instructor Office Hours
  • Seminar
    • Required 11th grade course
  • ACT Test Prep
  • HEC School Counselor
  • HEC School Social Worker
  • HEC School Nurse
  • HEC Pack Leader Program
  • HCC Learning Support Services
    • Tutoring, Testing and Proofreading
  • HCC Library
    • On-campus and online resources

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