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What is Haywood Early College?

  • Haywood Early College is a non-traditional Haywood County high school that works in partnership with Haywood Community College and North Carolina New Schools
  • Haywood Early College is located in the 400 building on the campus of Haywood Community College
  • The curriculum is designed to be a 5 year program that allows students to earn a high school diploma and a college associate’s degree (AA degree)
  • The academic schedule is balanced and rigorous, It combines high school and community college classes into the students daily class schedules
  • It is an application-based program that recruits students who are seeking a pathway to college,  students that are from low-income families and those who are first generation college attendees
  • Enrollment is open to all rising 9th and 10th  graders living  in Haywood County
  • Bus transportation is provided via Pisgah and Tuscola buses.
  • Parents can drop students off  at school, or students may drive to school
  • Lunch is provided by Haywood County Foods Services. Lunch prices are available upon request and on-line at the county website
  • Haywood Early College students do not experience extra-curricular activities such as art, band, ROTC and sports. We have a limited number of extra-curricular opportunities such as Service Club, Gaming Club, and Annual Publication
  • College books are provided;, there are no extra costs for the required AA degree

Early College students graduate with both a high school diploma and transferable college credits or an associate’s degree. Early college students should expect to remain at the early college for 5 years; some students complete the early college program and graduation requirements before the 5th year. Early Colleges are intended to attract students who often are under-represented in college: minorities, students from low income families and those whose parents never attended college.

Haywood Early College (HEC) is an excellent opportunity for students to be involved in a unique learning experience. The family environment of Haywood Early College reinforces individual student learning with small class sizes, a scheduled house time that allows students to have individual teacher support, and an introduction to college level classes and college expectations. The partnership between Haywood Early College and Haywood Community College promises to offer a unique educational experience.


Haywood Early College Class Schedule       

 2 HOUR DELAY–when college and high school are delayed 


8:30 am high school class is held from 10:20 until 11:20

10:00 am high school class is held from 11:30 until 12:20

12:30 pm high school class is held form 1:20 until 2:20


NO 1st PERIOD CLASS ( 8:30 CLASS) students report to 2nd period




Contact Us

  • Haywood Early College
  • Lori Fox, Principal
  • 185 Freedlander Dr. Clyde, NC 28721
  • 828.565.4000