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North Carolina New Schools Project

Learn and Earn Early College High School Profile

Haywood County Public Schools

The creation of Haywood Early College is the result of a strong partnership between Haywood County Schools and Haywood Community College. Working with the North Carolina New Schools Project, a small high school was created with a vision of providing a personalized learning environment for students. Our goals are to provide students with the skills to earn a high school diploma, to earn an Associates degree, to be successful university students, and to be caring, giving citizens of our community and our world.

Haywood Early College focuses on the elements of Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. When combined, the 3 R’s provide the foundation for quality learning. We believe the 3 R’s are an essential requirement for effective teaching and learning, and for student success.

An innovative, creative and caring team of educators have been selected as the staff of Haywood Early College. This group of individuals came together as a team with a focus on creating a “different” learning environment for high school students. The “difference” began with building strong caring relationships…with each other, with the students and with the families of our students. The HEC family believes that students must know and believe that we care about them. Once the supportive relationships are established, students are inspired to become actively engaged and emotionally involved in their education.

Haywood Early College is a North Carolina Public School in the Haywood County School District. It is located on the campus of Haywood Community College in Clyde,NC.  The first class graduating with a high school diploma and an associates degree was in 2011. 

Selection Criteria for our students:

The students attending HEC make application to attend Haywood Early College and write an essay on why they would like to attend.  Priority is given to  students that are first generation college enrollees.  Any eighth grade student that is a resident of Haywood County may apply.


♦ 6 Teachers (Haywood County Public School Employees) 1:15 ratio

♦ 1 Counselor (Haywood County Public School)

♦ 1 Curriculum Assistant (Public School)

♦1 Clerical (Public School)

♦1 College Liaison

♦1 Principal (Public School)

♦ 42 College Instructors (Varies semester to semester)


The Haywood Early College Staff is a team with varied backgrounds in education. Yes, our team is made up of high school educators, but we also have members with elementary and middle school experience. We believe that our varied backgrounds provide us with a wide range of experiences and skills to support the students at HEC.

Basic School Design

♦ 5 Grade Levels:  Grades 9-13.(Heterogeneous Groupings)

♦ 4 Core subject teachers

♦ High School subjects are  4×4 block scheduled.  This allows for high school and college schedules to be similiar.

♦ Academic Support Time (College Teaching and Learning Center)

♦ Service Learning (Tuesday and Thursday)

New Schools Design Principals

Redefine Professionalism:

♦ Reflection of High School Reform/Innovation and NC New Schools Project

♦ Summer planning and staff relationship team building

♦ NCNSP Summer Institute

♦ Ongoing Discussion and Reflection-accepting responsibility for the success of every student

♦ Identified time for sharing, discussion, support, and reflection

Powerful Teaching and Learning

Planning for Integrating Instruction

♦ Planning and Discussion-Prioritizing standards-Learning to be Flexible!!

♦ Developing a Plan for “In-House” and Career Development Seminar

♦ Implementation of “Failure Is Not an Option” philosophy

Personalization—Building Relationships

♦ Staff relationship building—on-going

♦ Student relationship building activities-Scheduled and planned

♦ Parent Relationship Building

♦ Addressing student concerns

Ready for College

♦ High Standards

♦ Providing framework for student success

♦ In-House support time






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