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Haywood Early College

Vision Statement: Success through innovation and collaboration
Our vision at Haywood Early College is success through innovation and collaboration.  Both are cornerstones to our record of great success.  We constantly reflect on and improve our teaching methods and strategies, incorporating new technology and learning styles to benefit our students.  Through collaboration among faculty and among students, we provide our students with a learning experience that is second to none.
Grade Span: 9th – 12th (13th if necessary)
Student Goal :  After four years of enrollment, students will have had the opportunity to earn a NC high school diploma and an associate degree (61 college transferable credits). The associate degree is designed to serve as the equivalent of the first two years of a bachelor’s degree to be earned at a four-year college or university.
Cost: No cost for students and families – college tuition, college textbooks, 1:1 iPads and Logitech Crayons, classroom technology, and university campus visits are provided
  • High school honors level courses
  • College/University Prep Course of Study
  • College coursework begins in the freshman year
  • Most community college credits will be transferable to any university within the North Carolina System

Student Population: HEC targets a diverse population of students representative of our county’s freshmen class.  Our emphasis is on students that are mature and hard working students that are able to handle a collegiate setting and capable of excelling in college-level coursework and/or first generation college students.


1 Principal

1 College Liaison

1 High School Counselor

1 Data Manager

7 HEC Teachers (1:13 teacher/student ratio)

42 Haywood Community College Instructors (1:20 instructor/student ratio)