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Civics and Economics

Mrs. Blankenship-Kerby

  • Welcome to Civics and Economics! This class will have a mixture of assignments. In order to accurately assess skills/knowledge, I will require both individual and group assignments.
  • Civics and Economics focuses on the study of American government and politics, as well as the American economy/financial institutions. We will cover the standard course of study (Common Core and Essential Standards) outlined by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. 

Google Classroom:

    • Google Classroom will be our delivery method for assignments. All assignments will be posted to Classroom and all completed work will be submitted through Classroom. It will be used for both in-person and virtual students. Check Google Classroom several times a day. Class codes and meet links are as follows:


  • First Period Civics 8:30-9:50


        • Class code- a3znnm6


  • Remind Code: Text this message @2eh97ed28d  to 81010




  • Second Period Civics 10:00-11:30
  • Class Code- 44mipxw
  • Remind Code: Text this message @78c99g3gc4  to 81010




  • Third Period Civics 12:50-2:20 
  • Class Code- qtwmqgx
  • Remind Code: Text this message @3bb43bb9h8  to 81010



Types of Assignments:


  1. Exams: Exams/tests will follow chapters and/or units.  Exams can/will cover material from the previous chapter or unit. Questions on exams may be taken from notes, discussions, readings, individual and/or group assignments. Anything we complete in or out of class can be included on an exam. I will notify you when an exam is coming up. Tests may come in different formats: individual (regular) exams, partner exams, projects, essays, etc. 
  2. Quizzes: Quizzes will be given throughout chapters in order to assess understanding and knowledge, as well as demonstrate needs/extra coverage time. Quizzes may be announced OR unannounced. So be ready at any point to take a quiz!
  3. Papers/Essays: We will do a lot of writing in this course. Essays and research papers will be a big part of this class. Writing takes practice and we will get a lot of practice!
  4. Projects: May be assigned with research papers or as solo assignments.
  5. Homework: will usually be worth 10 pts per assignment (unless it is a continuation of a larger assignment) and will be due by midnight (unless I tell you otherwise). No homework=no grade. It is extremely important that you keep up with ALL of your assignments. It is easy to get behind and zeroes add up quickly.  Most homework assignments will be a continuation of work not finished in class.
  6. Classwork: If classwork is not finished, it will become homework which will be due by midnight.

**All work needs to be completely done and turned in on time!



Classroom Rules:

  1. No talking when the teacher or other classmates are talking
  2.  Be on time and on task
  3. Be prepared for class (Notebook, Pencil, Homework, ipad, etc.)
  4.  No cell phones (If I see it…..it is mine).
  5. Earphones are NOT allowed to be worn in class!!
  6.  Trash goes in the cans (This includes gum!)/Keep our space clean!
  7. Try your best/work hard
  8. Have a positive attitude/No complaining
  9. Be respectful of others
  10. Agree to disagree!
  11. Computers should ALWAYS be put back and plugged in NEATLY! 



6 absences per semester.  3 tardies=1 absence. 


When absent it is YOUR responsibility to get your makeup work. Make-up work must be completed and turned in according to the county policy (2 days for each day you miss). I will NOT grade make-up work that is not completed in a timely manner. Communication is KEY. When you know you are going to be absent let me know ahead of time.



  1. Ipad (must be brought to class EVERYDAY)


**Syllabus subject to change at teacher’s discretion**


Contact Information for Mrs. Kerby:


Dorothy Blankenship-Kerby






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