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Honors English 10 MiniSyllabus Haywood Early College / Hanson

Getting Started
Everyone should already be enrolled appropriately in Google Classroom, but in case you’re not for whatever reason (a schedule change perhaps?), here are the Google Classroom codes to join:

English II Honors @ 10:00: daxn6zv English II Honors @ 12:50: cky562n

On the Google Classroom page, you’ll find a Google Meet link (on the iPad, it’s the camera icon in the top right). If you’re connecting remotely, that’s what you’ll use.

Parents can also join Google Classroom and set up a regular progress report if desired. If you need an invite, just email me at ​dhanson@haywood.k12.nc.us​. Parents and students should also have access to PowerSchool to check current grades.

Ms. Ballance (​aballance@haywood.k12.nc.us​) can help you with email and Power School issues should you need assistance.

Plan on having your camera on at all times, but toggle your microphone on when you want to speak and leave it off at other times. I recommend turning captions on as this can be helpful if the audio is dodgy.

If you will be connecting remotely, you should plan on either using a second device for Google Meet or a device that allows you to continue broadcasting your camera feed when you have another application open. Many of you have smart phones, which I would recommend using as your default Google Meet device and use your iPad for the reading and writing parts of class.

Course Info
We will be focused on improving your critical writing skills, broken into three main areas:
1) As an on-demand and remedial goal, we need to clean up any lingering grammar and punctuation issues – think commas and capitalization.
2) Our main writing goal is to be able to tailor the use of a variety of credible types of evidence to effectively engage the audience to achieve the desired purpose of the writing.
3) Our advanced writing goal is to write memorably with style using elements like parallel structure, sentence variety, and careful word-choice.

I have a few short pieces in mind that we will start the year with, but before I commit to anything else, I’d like to get class input on text choices.

It would be incredibly helpful, if at least one parent or guardian could drop me an email at dhanson@haywood.k12.nc.us​ and leave me your preferred contact information – email, phone, whatever, along with a best time to contact if that’s helpful. Always feel free to drop me a note to my email if you have any questions or concerns.


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