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Syllabus: (Remote Learning) Biology

Teacher:  Mr. Robert Allison

Welcome to my class:

 It is my hope that we will be able to successfully navigate general biology at an honors level virtually.  I know that the day to day tasks may be different due to our circumstances but I believe this is an opportunity to discover and create new ideas and share them with our peers in a virtual setting.  It is true that we are in a time that will be remembered for generations to come and will be known to some greater extent as the “birth of virtual education”.  The fun is knowing that we are truly at the start of something new.  It is exciting to imagine the innovations that will emerge from the pressures of the Coronavirus.  

Virtual Considerations:

 We are still in school.  It is required that you participate in class functions from home just as you would during a regular school day.  I am asking all students to enable their video while participating in class Meets.  This means that the teacher and peers will be able to see each other and better interact while discussing topics or troubleshooting issues.  I strongly recommend being able to move about, present or demonstrate.  This said; it may be wise to not attend class from bed or during a meal.  Please try and reserve other activities for a time when you are not in attendance.

What the class is all about:

 Biology.  We will discuss all fundamental aspects of Biology with Honors rigor.  Some of the topics include but are not limited to; Cell structure and function, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology…. 

Class Meets:

Google Classroom Join Code:

1st Period 7pl5e3c

2nd Period 7cx6m63

3rd Period: zowvwjt

Remind Codes:

1st Period:Send a text to 81010 and text this message @63d4f4

2nd Period: Send a text to 81010 and text this message @779kkf

3rd Period: Send a text to 81010 and text this message @ge6c3h

Attendance will be taken during our scheduled Google Meet sessions.  We will be attending class during scheduled times that should not interfere with other scheduled Meets.


Assignments will be due on Thursdays for the week.  I will post grades in PowerSchool on Fridays.  

We will be completing a variety of types of assignments including:  Small group Google Meets (Break-out rooms), Research projects, home based labs (both indoors and outdoors), creative modeling, and presentations.  Yes, we will also have annotations, critical thinking discussions, and Exams

Assignment Values:

Chapter Exams: 100pts

Chapter Biology 2e Annotations, VRCs: 100pts

Weekly Google Meet Discussions: 100pts

Chapter Projects and Labs: 100pts

Further adjustments will likely be made to grading and assignment values as our semester unfolds.


 OpenStax App. –  Biology 2e

Google docs.

Google Classroom





During this uncertain time we will all be following the latest guidance handed down by our local governments. Please be prepared by visiting our school and county website regularly and staying tuned to your classes for updates. 



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