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HEC Wolfpack kicks off the school year

By Casey Johnson, HEC student


    Haywood Early College kicked off its opening week with trips to Camp Greenville, the Mountain Research Station, and Mars Hill University.  HEC also continues its 1:1 iPad program.

On Monday, before school even officially began, incoming students went to Camp Greenville in South Carolina to enjoy a day of hiking, archery, canoeing, swinging, rock climbing, and overall group bonding. Incoming student Tre’ Goodman believed that “Camp Greenville was in my opinion a great idea” where he “made new friends.” He states that “the values of a wolfpack are much clearer to [him] now, and as the infamous Vince Lombardi said, ‘teamwork is essential for champions.’’ The day was not only a total blast, but a successful day of bringing students together.  

    The first day of school consisted of a schoolwide cookout and getting the new incoming students settled in and up to date on Early College life. Additionally, each new student attending Haywood Early College was issued their iPad that they will use for the entire year. New students aren’t the only ones who get this perk. All students attending Haywood Early College will also receive an iPad to use for the entire 2018-2019 school year. All in all, the first day of school was another fun and successful day.

    The excited energy carried on from the previous day and into the last day of the kickoff week. While new students stayed on campus to continue getting settled in, older students went off-campus for different trips. Second and third-year students went to the local test farm.  Brianna Hicks enjoyed learning how they work to make everything better for consumers and Riley Beaulieu was intrigued by “a doctor on the farm [who] told us about airborne plant viruses and how they test the infected crops.”

Meanwhile, fourth and fifth-year students went and toured local college, Mars Hill University.  Nathan Plummer felt that the tour was essential for developing a realistic vision of a school and these opportunities “provide students with a leg up they deserve and work hard for.”  Josh Gidcumb agreed, saying that “college tours really help us assess all of our options to pick the college that’s right for us.”


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