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English IV Policies and Contacts

10:00 Remind Code

TEXT the number: 81010 TEXT this message: @6c74763


LINK: www.remind.com/join/6c74763  

12:30 Remind Code

TEXT the number: 81010  TEXT this message: @b863k7


LINK: www.remind.com.join/@b863k7

Sign up for your class before Sunday, August 9 to receive info for Monday’s class!


You are asked to attend a daily Google Meet during your scheduled class time – Meets will generally run for one hour.  I ask that you always show up for scheduled meets on time, with your video enabled. At times I will ask you to participate in small group Meets (kind of like a little breakout room). I know it’s difficult to get a chance to speak in large group Meets sometimes, so hopefully this will help. But that being said, please try to allow all classmates a chance to share and ask questions. And if you have an idea or a question, speak up! It is more important now than ever that you do.


Contact me either through email (bsanderson@haywood.k12.nc.us) or Remind.  If you need help on my assignments (or any others), please contact me as early as possible so that we can arrange a time. 

Required Materials

Your iPad and your Logitech crayon will be essential to your participation in this class, so you need them, charged, every day. When you do not have a charged device ready for class, you are letting the class down. We need you. Don’t let us down. 

Late Work 

I understand that sometimes things happen outside of our control. If something happens and you can’t get your assignment done, let me know ASAP. However, if you are having weekly crises, we should talk about what is going wrong and how to fix the problem, but it cannot become habitual behavior. You will lose 10 points for every day an assignment is late, and you will have 3 days to turn in the late assignment. I also reserve the right to require your attendance at AEO. Please understand, I am not trying to be punitive, but falling behind really hurts your academic progress. 


If you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to contact me on the day of your absence through email or Remind so that I can help you get caught up on material you missed. Don’t forget, the class agendas are also available in Google Classroom!

How to Turn in Work

Your assignments should be turned in through Google Classroom. Google Classroom will be where you can find class agendas and all your assigned work. DO NOT FORGET TO HIT SUBMIT when you are finished. 


I pledge to do my very best to be the teacher you need this semester. Learning involves struggling: struggling with ideas, questions, problems. There will be times when you feel pushed. But, please, if you ever feel that you are struggling to the point of giving up, come and talk to me. I want you to be successful; I want you to grow as a student and a person; I want you to leave this class feeling proud of the work you have done. I pledge to help you in whatever ways I can.



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