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Honors English 1 Mini Syllabus Haywood Early College / Hanson

Getting Started

As soon as you are able to:

1) Join our Google Classroom using your Haywood County Schools email. The code for our class is: ​3gknqvs

2) Ensure you have both a parent and student account to Power School as this will allow you to check your official grades at any time.

Ms. Ballance (​aballance@haywood.k12.nc.us​) can help you with email and Power School issues should you need assistance.


Our Google Meet classes will start promptly at 8:30. The meet info is located on our Google Classroom page, but if you have trouble getting to that, here they are in long-form:


Plan on having your camera on at all times, but toggle your microphone on when you want to speak and leave it off at other times. I recommend turning captions on as this can be helpful if the audio is dodgy.

Course Info

We will be focused on improving your critical writing skills, broken into three main areas:
1) As an on-demand and remedial goal, we need to clean up any lingering grammar and punctuation issues – think commas and capitalization.
2) Our main writing goal is to be able to tailor the use of a variety of credible types of evidence to effectively engage the audience to achieve the desired purpose of the writing.
3) Our advanced writing goal is to write memorably with style using elements like parallel structure, sentence variety, and careful word-choice.

We will begin by reading through four short stories from James Joyce’s ​Dubliners​, a collection of stories about residents of that Irish city at the start of the twentieth century. We will look for patterns in tone, theme, and other literary techniques and use that as the basis to create detailed pre-writing plans for a variety of papers, one of which you’ll choose from to write your first paper.

Where we go from there in part depends on the needs of the class as this unit makes clear and in part by the choices of the students. I’ll have a range of reading selections students can choose from, and we’ll just have to see where those student choices take us.


It would be incredibly helpful, if at least one parent or guardian could drop me an email at dhanson@haywood.k12.nc.us​ and leave me your preferred contact information – email, phone, whatever, along with a best time to contact if that’s helpful. Always feel free to drop me a note to my email if you have any questions or concerns.


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