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Welcome to Math 2 at Haywood Early College.  

I’m Margret Stiles, your math teacher for this semester.  You will be able to get in touch with me through Remind or my email mstiles@haywood.k12.nc.us  Please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

The Remind code for your class is:  

Text: 81010

Message:  @dfk493

All students and parents need to join my Remind.  Please do this with your iPad and your phone, as I will contact you frequently.  I will send Google Meet codes to the class through Remind.  I will also send assignments and you will return assignments through Remind.  

A quick reminder of online rules-

*you must show your incredible face during all Google Meets.

*Attendance will be taken for all Meets.

*Your turned in work must be your own.  Any copying will result in a “0” for both parties.

*You must show all your work on all assignments.  No work, no credit.  

*All assignments will be graded and entered into Power School.

This year is starting out like no other year in my past 25 years of teaching.  I’m hoping for a quick return to school so we can meet face to face and begin working on math as a team.  

A quick overview of topics we will be covering:

  1. Graphing quadratic equations
  2. Solving Quadratic equations
  3. Rational equations and exponents
  4. Geometry
  5. Trigonometry

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