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Welcome to Math 2 at HEC

Google class code: 8:30 – dqnmpye
12:50- mh7rlxb

Remind: text 81010
message: @830math2

Class syllabus:
• You are expected to be in class everyday either on
google meet or in person everyday.
• We take notes, do homework everyday, it’s due before
class starts the next day and it’s worth 20 points.
Your notes that you take in class and the completion of
your homework add to the 20 points.
• We take quizzes on every lesson and they are worth

10-50 points.

Units we will cover:

• Transformations

• Geometry
• Trigonometry
• Graphing quadratics
• Solving quadratics
• Rational exponents

• Solving radical equations
• Probability


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