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Spring 2021                                               

Ms. Bethea-Brown


Curriculum Content 

Honors World History is a survey course that gives you the opportunity to explore recurring themes of the human experience common to civilizations around the world from ancient to contemporary times.  The themes of geography and an analysis of the cultural traits of civilizations will help you, as a young historian, to understand how people shape their world and how their world shapes them.  You will examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements, and phenomena, and will discover the contributions and patterns of civilizations around the world.  

This is a challenging course that will require you to take greater responsibility for your learning.  You will be engaged in problem-solving, critical analysis and reflective thinking, both as an individual and as part of a group. The desired outcome of this course is twofold. First, that you develop an understanding of current world issues and relate them to their historical, political, economic, geographical and cultural contexts. And second, that you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world.

Course Outline

Unit 1 The Neolithic Revolution and the Emergence of Complex Societies: 10,000 BCE – 1,200 BCE
Unit 2 Expanding Networks of Exchange and Encounter: 1200 BCE – 500 CE
Unit 3  Patterns of Interregional Unity: 300 – 1500 CE
Unit 4  Global Interactions: 1450 CE – 1750 CE
Unit 5  Industrialization and Revolution: 1750 – 1914
Unit 6 The Age of Imperialism: 1760-1914 
Unit 7 Global Conflict: 1900 – 1945
Unit 8 Decolonization and the The Cold War: 1900 – 1990
Unit 9 Globalization: Late 20th Century – Early 21st Century


Classwork and Homework

Due to the enormous amount of material covered in World History it is very important that you complete all of your classwork and homework on time.  In addition to specific homework assignments, any assignment not completed in class must be completed as homework. 


Instructional Materials and Methods

Some of the instructional material and methods that you will use are listed below.  



  • This is how you will investigate the history of the world.

  • This is how you will demonstrate understanding of the material.
Scholarly Articles  Written responses that demonstrate understanding of the material.
Primary Source Documents Class Discussions
Educational Videos/Documentaries Creation of: 

  • Infographics
  • Imovies
  • Documentaries
Research Projects Presentations


Assessments and Grading Policy

Formal assessments include: assignments, projects, and tests.  You will be assessed informally by your participation in class activities and discussions.  


Unit Tests 2 grades
Daily Assignments (Most of them will be randomly selected) 

  • Throughout each unit, assignments will be randomly selected for a letter grade 
1 grade
Projects 2 or 3 grades

Meeting Deadlines 

Due dates for classwork and homework assignments need to be met. If for any reason you are unable to complete an assignment on time, it is your responsibility to contact me in advance.  Unless you contact me in advance, points will be deducted for any assignment that is not turned in on time. For each day the assignment is late 10 points will be deducted from your grade.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to complete any work that you missed.  Haywood County policy will be followed for make-up work.


No talking when the teacher or other classmates are talking (Respect)
Be on time and on task
Be prepared for class 

  • Assignments completed and ready for discussion
  • Headphones/earbuds 
  • Charged IPads 
Always try your hardest
Have a Positive Attitude
Participate! Participate! Participate!
Agree to disagree!
Be willing to make mistakes -that is how you learn
Submit your assignments on time in Google Classroom
During Google Meets your video camera should be turned on and your microphone should be off unless you are participating.

Class Schedules

Period Google Classroom Code  Google Meet Link Remind Code
1 – 8:30 to 9:50 nrbwlgk World History Google Meet Per. 1 @2fh637bec9
2 – 10:00 to 11:30
3 – 12:50 to 2:20 offopw5 World History Google Meet Per. 3 @c3da36k966


Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be our learning platform.  This is where you find, complete, and turn in all of your assignments.

To join Google Classroom:


  • Go to the Google app square and select Classroom (chalkboard)
  • Once you are in Classroom, click the + sign in the top right corner
  • Click ‘Join a Class’
  • Type in the class code for your class period


Google Meet


  • The Google Meet code can be found on the Classroom app that you join.  It is also listed above!
  • We will be meeting daily through Google Meet




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